Consultancy Services

Docs USA provides a wide range of Consulting Services to people interested in travelling to the USA. These include information about every kind of nonimmigrant Visa, pre-review of personal positions in the terms of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) general provisions.

These services are focused especially on companies and individuals who are willing to start a business, invest and trade in the USA.
We provide in-depth support and advice throughout the personal and company evaluation, in compliance with USCIS Regulations.

Our support finds effective solutions, saving our clients time and money, in what can otherwise be a lengthy process and mistaken path. Our close working relationship with U.S. organizations, Law and Accounting Firms means we can support you in every step to ensure a smooth project.

Consultancy Services can be made by setting an in person meeting or by scheduling a telephone call

For inquiries, or to schedule a Consultancy appointment, please email

Phone: ++39 02 49788 881

Mobile: +39 349 5392 241